Polish reaching out for your dreams

My name is Joanna and this is how my dream of starting up my own company started…

When I first thought about opening my own business in the UK I was full of concerns. What really made me go ahead with my decision was the incompetence my employer at the time. I decided that I could do it by myself, be my own boss, earn more money and take care of my customers my own way.

The biggest worry was all the paper work I had to do to get going. In Poland it is normally a complicated task that takes a long time. I was nicely surprised that I managed to set everything up very efficiently. The second issue that gave me sleepless nights was my Polish accent when speaking in English. I wasn’t sure whether it would be an obstacle for potential new clients. After a while, I discovered that most of our clients were friendly and open to cooperate with us. At the beginning it wasn’t easy to find new clients and promote our business. We started with just 1 customer and today after almost a year we are fully booked and we are employing new people. I really happy I decided to  set up my own business. I can feel the difference, I can now say I am a lot more self-confident, and my attitude, my personal skills and English have also improved. I would definitely tell everyone who has an idea for business to not be afraid to reach for your dreams. England is a country of opportunities.


You can also get financial. Before starting I felt so confused; what shall I do first? Well, here are a few tips to help you with your first steps:

1. Think of a catchy name and logo

2. Set up a professional looking website

3. Arrange advertisements, especially on websites such as: gumtree, jelp, local newspapers and Facebook groups.

4. Set up a company Facebook profile


I realise that every business is different but these tips should work for anyone at the beginning.

Be brave, do it for yourself and don’t hold back. It’s a rewarding experience, you can help others, employ people, offer a fantastic service and feel good about yourself. Do what I did and follow your dreams.


I wish you all good luck and determination!

If you would like to see how well we have done check us out on magicbroombristol.co.uk, and our Facebook page is called Magic Broom Cleaning Services Bristol.

Blog by Joanna Soltysiak