Bristol from a German Perspective

Why choose England?

I am studying languages so it was probably obvious that I would stay in an English speaking country sooner or later. But why England? I decided to go to the United Kingdom because I didn't want to be too far away from home. Considering dialects I soon came to the conclusion that England would be the best option for me. So I ended up in Bristol being an au pair for only one month before I started an internship at Hunter Language School.


When I first arrived here many things were different. Not only did I have to get used to the English weather and cars driving on the other side of the road, but I also learnt quickly that English people are very open. Rumour has it that the English are the friendliest people and I totally agree. As my stay abroad is mandatory for my studies back in Germany, I had to participate in a course for cultural awareness before going. It was about being tolerant towards other cultures. However, since I arrived in Bristol my problem wasn't being tolerant towards the English culture but rather to be tolerated. As Germans often seem to be cold, I was a bit afraid that I might come across as rude and unkind.



Not only did the English people fascinate me but all the beautiful places in Bristol as well. Right from the start I fell in love with the cathedral of Bristol. Whenever it was sunny I used to sit down on a bench for a while relaxing and watching the skaters making the most of the good weather. So the real question was what to do on a rainy day. It wasn't that difficult actually. If you are interested in culture visits one of Bristol's museums will definitely be a good choice. Most galleries and museums are free, you can donate if you wish to do so. At the M Shed museum you can discover the history of this beautiful city. Another thing you have to visit is Clifton’s Suspension Bridge, the view is really stunning! Maybe you even happen to be here during one of the amazing festivals. During summer the Bristol International Balloon fiesta is held. Unfortunately, I missed that one but from the pictures I saw I can tell it must be really cool!


Another really important aspect is food, of course. I have been travelling a lot which is why I got to know many different cultures. However, my favourite part of travelling is to discover new dishes and recipes. Once I was asked if I wanted to try Marmite, I had no idea what that person was talking about so I gave it a shot, I didn’t really like it much! English breakfast is quite different to German breakfast as well. We don’t have porridge nor do we have baked beans. But it's a good alternative though.


Overall I can say that I thoroughly recommend visiting this city!

So what are you waiting for?