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Hunter Language School is OPEN.

The school will stay open during the November UK lockdown as we are an education provider so please come to lessons as normal in November. 

Hunter Language School is now open for face-to-face private and group lessons in the school. The school is Covid secure, we have a lot of systems and procedures in place to keep everyone safe.

The school closed for face-to-face teaching on Friday 20/3/20, we reopened on Monday 21/9/20.


Here is the NHS official website page on Coronavirus: CLICK HERE 

Here is the UK Government official website page on Coronavirus: CLICK HERE

If you wish to discuss anything with us on this topic please contact us.

What precautions are we taking?

1. Anyone who develops Covid-19 symptoms should not come to school

If a student or member of staff develops Covid-19 symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, we ask them not to come to school. Please inform the school and follow government self-isolation guidelines.

2. Masks in school

Please wear masks or face coverings in school. It is not necessary to wear masks in classrooms but if you would like to then please do.

3. Spaced out and well-ventilated classrooms

Class sizes are being kept to a minimum, desks are spaced out to allow social distancing, doors and windows are kept open during lessons to keep classrooms well-ventilated.

4. Please don’t arrive early and wait outside before lesson when possible

We no longer have a student room for students to relax and work, we closed it in order to make the school more Covid secure. Please try not to arrive too early for lessons and wait outside the building until the start of your class when possible.

5. Sanitiser stations throughout school

Sanitiser is available throughout the school and in all classrooms. Students and staff are asked to sanitise and wash hands regularly.

6. Increased cleaning

We have increased the cleaning around the school, and classroom desks are sanitised after each lesson.

7. Track and Trace

We are recording contact details of all visitors to the school, they will be held in accordance with the government track and trace programme.

What do you need to do?

Don’t come to school if you have Covid-19 symptoms.


Wear a mask in the school (not necessary in classrooms when sitting down only).


Wash your hand and sanitise regularly in school.


If you come early for a lesson, please wait outside the school.

Download our Covid-19 Guidelines here:

Learn English Covid Secure

Terms & Conditions Update


Please see the HLS Terms & Conditions page on this website for any updates. 

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