EDI Policy

Hunter Language School

EDI Policy

Hunter Language School is dedicated to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment, with equal opportunities for all.

Both our students and staff come from different countries, backgrounds and cultures, which further enhances the experience of being a part of HLS.


HLS strives to maintain high levels of equality, diversity and inclusion in all its forms. Anything else would not be true to our school.


We treat everyone at HLS with the same levels of respect, regardless of external factors and strive to offer equal opportunities to both our students and staff respectively.


HLS has placed clear policies, practices and procedures to uphold the standards and duties set by the Equality Act 2010.


We ensue to continue our commitment by regularly reviewing and updating our policies and staff training.


HLS fulfils it’s duties by;


1) Welcoming any and all prospective students to the school, promoting diversity.

2) Treating any and all prospective students equally at all stages of being enrolled on a course.

3) Making a continued effort to upkeep inclusion to a high standard.

4) Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to be practised in the classrooms.

5) Treating current and potential staff equally and with respect, regardless of any varying factors and ensuring to build an inclusive working environment.


This policy applies to all of our staff, current students, potential students and visitors.



[1] The nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 are 'age', 'disability', 'gender reassignment' (now commonly understood as 'gender identity'), 'marriage and civil partnership', 'pregnancy and maternity', 'race