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Hunter Language School is now a proud Bristol Pound member, we accept, and can pay with Bristol pounds, the currency exclusive to Bristol. It's a unique and interesting initiative that is taking Bristol by storm. But what's it all about?

What is it?

The Bristol Pound(£B) is a type of local currency which aims to create a "resilient and sustainable independent business sector” within Bristol. It achieves this by allowing local businesses and people to spend and receive £B’s in place of sterling. One £B is the exact equivalent of a normal pound, and you can use it as the physical notes(see below), and as a digital currency using an app on your phone.

A small selection of the unique notes, check out their shop here for the full collection.

Why we love £B

Hunter Language School has recently become the first language school to join £B. We love £B because it’s a great way to discover and build relationships with many of Bristol’s amazing independent businesses.


Members can use the currency to pay certain bills like council tax, pay for services such as cleaners as well as using in a plethora of retail and food stores. It’s great to know that you can support the community and issues that matter to our city whilst paying for the essentials.


Watch this video to learn more about Bristol Pound and how it can be incorporated into your day to day life.

How to get involved

1. Become a member

It’s free to become a member, the sign up process is simple and involves downloading the app. Follow this link for how to join.

If you don’t want to join Bristol Pound, or just want to try it out, you can get some physical notes from various different “Cash Points” in Bristol.

2. Start using £B’s

You can use £B to pay your bills, they can be used on the buses and also at a wide-range of local stores and independent businesses. Follow this link for a directory of everywhere which accepts £B’s.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved, exchange some boring old British Sterling for Bristol Pounds today at one of the many locations around Bristol. Or download the Bristol Pound App. And get going with the Bristol Pound, the UK's largest local currency.


Blog by Meabh O'Lenain