Team Challenge Night : Bristol, An Interesting City!

It's a cool Tuesday evening in Bristol, but inside Hunter Language School the atmosphere is buzzing with anticipation; Team Challenge Night is about to begin. In this rather special event, teams took part in a host of unusual challenges, ranging from the silly; building the tallest tower possible -out of their shoes, to the creative; preparing a blog post to 'sell' Bristol to the world. Now, while of course we care a great deal about accuracy in class, amusement was the name of this game.  


So, here are the four individual posts combined into one. Thanks to all that got involved and to all the readers of this blog; ENJOY!!!

Bonsi Team

"Are you planning on visiting the UK? Bristol is your place. Here you can find good weather, a wonderful public transportation system and sunny beaches that are only 20 minutes away from the city centre. On the weekend you can bungee jump from a hot air balloon, dressed as a pirate; but pay attention to safety, because if you crash, Joha Harton might turn you into a book."

Bonsi Team.jpeg

Spaghetti Team

"Bristol: the biggest Graffiti city in Europe. It is probably known as the native city of Bansky, one of the most important street artists in the world. Bristol manufactures hot air balloons, it's the world's biggest hot air balloon manufacturer. The city, where you can spend a lot of time having fun, is the best in the UK after London. In Bristol you can experience the best and the biggest burger in the world. If you're hungry don't hesitate, go visit Burger King! (Best stuff ever) If you want to try it, come and visit the city or google it. The UK dream for everyone... but be careful, Brexit is coming, so hurry up!"

Spagetti Team.jpeg

The Architects Team

"Bristol is a creative city filled with street art, like the famous Bansky graffitis. Have a beer at the Harboursite or a cider at the Apple, a barge turned into a bar. Bristol has lots of unique music, with artists like Marcheeba and Portishead etc. Bristol is in a semi-central location close to London, Cardiff and Birmingham. A city with multiple universities such as Bristol Uni, one of the top universities in the world... The weather in Bristol is better than most parts of the UK. Close to the sea and by the Harbour! A young city filled with multicultural people. It's an open minded and happy city. "

Architect Team.jpeg

The White Wine Table Team

"Hola! Welcome to the most Spanish city in the UK! The only city where the weather is better than Seville, 365 days a year, and where you can adopt a fox. It's the paradise of no drugs, crime or rain, no wonder everyone loves it. You can walk across the biggest and oldest bridge in the world, the Clifton suspension bridge! Bristol it’s the capitol of raeggeton and cider, it's the only place where you can drink like a fish and have fun like a rabbit, looking at Bansky’s graffitis. Viva la Bristol. "

White Wine Team.jpeg

Blog by the students who attended