Why Bristol?

Who doesn’t feel excited about starting a new experience abroad?

I came to Bristol because I am studying tourism in a professional university in Switzerland and we all have the opportunity, as part of our degree courses to have a professional experience of one year abroad.

I’ve always been fascinated by learning new languages, I believe you can learn so much from learning new languages, and learning languages allows you to connect with so many people, so many cultures and also with yourself.

I wanted to do this experience alone, because I thought it was more challenging and that could bring me more personal development. Of course at the beginning it wasn’t easy because I had to put in a lot of effort with the language, understanding accents and I have to accept the fact that initially I felt a little silly when speaking English every day and trying to be polite and get on with people.

Being an Intern at Hunter language school gave me the possibility to practice my English with native speakers everyday which improved my skills a lot and also helped me to understand more about their culture.

I met loads of people from different countries and I always have been grateful about this. Meeting people in the school and going to the meetup events gives you the opportunity to make friends so quickly.

So, Why Bristol?

Because Bristol is an amazing city, around every corner you will find something that will catch your attention.

A cool place to grab a coffee or a cider, breathtaking graffiti, amazing live music, a beautiful park to chill in and watch skaters working on their tricks and so much more.

If the weather is not amazing there are lots of indoor places where you can appreciate art, history, science, try a new course of dance or whatever makes you feel happy.

For the nightlife you will never hear the sentence "Tonight there is nothing going on" because in Bristol you will always find something to do, there are plenty of gigs and concerts for every taste.

There is a massive quantity of bars, pubs and restaurants where you can try different types of cuisine from all over the world.

Make the most of your experience here in Bristol, open your mind, go outside and just get into the vibe of this young and friendly city that will make you feel at home!

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Blog by Silvia Dotta