Top tips to help you to concentrate when studying from home

Studying by yourself can be difficult, we all know it’s easy to get bored without others around to encourage you. So here are some great tips to help you with your home study, good luck!

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1. Eat well and drink a lot!

Let’s put nutrition at the top of the list. Eating the right things can make all the difference when it comes to your concentration levels. Generally, things considered to be “brain food” contain a lot of protein, such as eggs, fish, beans and meat. It’s a good idea to mix this with something high in vitamin C, such as fruit or juice, and some slow release carbohydrates like brown bread or rice. Hydration is also really important, have a bottle of water on your desk and keep keep on drinking.

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2. Reward time!

When you’re indoors lot, a top tips for studying English at home is to plan a treat of some kind. An example of this could be, “Once I’ve finished my English class and done my homework, I’ll call mum and make a cup of tea.” Reward-based motivation will help you to crack on with your work.

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3. Take breaks: allow yourself time off!

It’s really important to take breaks when studying at home. When we’re forced to work at home, the lines between work and relaxation become blurred. It can be tempting to work through all of the evenings and weekends, or just do bits here and there when you would normally be winding down. Try and stick to strict boundaries for your working day and have proper periods of time without studying.

4. Lose the phone!

Avoiding distraction has always been one of the best tips to help you study English – at home, its significance is far greater. The temptation to use your phone in class can be overbearing even at the best of times, but it’s even worse when you’re at home and no one’s watching you! Be sure to leave your phone in another room where you won’t be tempted.

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5. Talk to people in the same situation

It’s easy to become quite lonely when studying at home, which can lead to your motivation and concentration levels dropping. Make sure you talk to others in the same situation as you as much as you can, it can really boost your concentration and motivation levels.