Hunter Language Exchange

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What is it?


Hunter Language Exchange is a FREE fortnightly language meetup in Bristol organised by Hunter Language School (HLS). We meet at a different bar or restaurant around Bristol every two weeks on a Tuesday evening for a relaxed meetup in which we exchange languages over a drink and a laugh. So you can practise English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and other languages with native speakers with no pressure and it costs nothing.


You can meet new people, discover new areas of Bristol, practise languages and enjoy a fun Tuesday evening out in Bristol.


How does it work?


We post the venue for the meet up on our Facebook group and our group two weeks in advance. Anyone can join these groups.


We post the location with a map, the time and any further information.


When you arrive at the venue look for a large group of smiling international people can come say hello. You can sit with anyone and have a chat about anything in any langauge you feel most comfortable. The organisers, HLS Principal, Roland Hunter and Director of Studies, Tina Font, will be there to greet you and help introduce you to people.


Who attends?


It's organised by Hunter Language School (HLS) and many HLS students attend but it's open to everyone. Native English, Spanish, Italian, French and other nationalities attend regularly and everyone is friendly and happy to chat.


We now have nearly 2500 people in our Facebook and groups and the average turnout is 40 people or more. Many attendees have come regularly for a lot of meet up events and some good friendship and the odd relationship have been started.


How did it start?


Hunter Language School started the Hunter Language Exchange meet ups in 2016 to give our students learning English a chance to practice the language outside the school. Since then HLS English courses in Bristol have expanded and the school has grown, we now have a large number of students studying English as well as other languages such as Spanish and French. The exchange has grown with the school and is coming up to it's second Birthday!


How to get involved?


Join either our Facebook group or group. Come along practice languages and have fun!

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