The French Dream

Bedtime stories are usually about castles, animals, princes and princesses… well, mine was about England.


My mum use to be an aupair when she was younger and there was nothing more exciting and incredible for me than listening to my mum’s British adventures.  


England was everything to me, my dad took me there when I was 8 for my first Halloween; then my mum on my 14th birthday for the best surprise of my life.

They knew, nothing could please me more than England’s breeze on my frozen red cheeks.


This is why nobody was really surprised when I decided to move to Bristol.


I started living in a massive house in Totterdown with 9 other students. It was intense, but definitely worth it !

I met my best friends there, had the best time partying, painting, sculpting, creating and building with those « modern hippies » who taught me everything.


I loved Bristol because it meant freedom, the architecture was wonderful, the pubs were welcoming and people were open minded ; but my favorite thing about this city was definitely Christmas.

Everyday I had to walk through the Christmas Market to get to work and it was always the same overwhelming feeling: the cinnamon, the candles, the music… I felt like home, and for the first time of my life I could clearly believe in it.


Then I moved to another house and this time there were 7 housemates.

Same thing there, it was paradise. We all got along so well it was unreal.

Life was hard because we were all young foreigners, we had to pay a lot of tax, we did not make a lot of money at work but at the end of the day we did not care because we were cooking together, helping each other, supporting every project.


This is definitely what defines Bristol, this amazing spirit, this community, this open minded way of living.

And after living here for two years I can say that :


No, I am still not used to this terrible weather; I still don’t understand why English people add coriander to every dish (I’m allergic  to it!). Yes, English pastries make me laugh (I mean… chocolate eclairs that don’t have chocolate inside). Drugs are a reality and life is expensive.



But, English people are the most polite people I have ever met in my life. They support gay rights more than anywhere else in Europe. There are many Vegan shops, cafés and restaurants everywhere ; The music is the best (shout out to the 80’s !). English breakfast (I don’t have to say more… once you’ve tried you can’t go back). Bristol is magnificent (the Harbourside, Clifton village, suspension bridge, College Green…). The sense of humor and sarcasm is fantastic. And last but not least : I found love here! My gentleman, my prince, my partner in crime.


So England, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am more than grateful for it. Now, it is time for me to leave; to go and explore Berlin, but I will come back my dear country, I’ll come back…