Helen has been living and working in Bristol for the past two years. Here she shares her experiences and gives her advice to anyone interested in taking an English Course.

Self awareness, new friendships, adventures, maturity, learning ..!  

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Before I arrived in England I remember thinking “I will finally use my English”, I was very excited to put into practice all the English I had or at least imagined I had. But when you see yourself in a new context, where no one speaks your language, it is very different. I was embarrassed to talk, I stopped going places and doing things for fear of making mistakes and people judging me, after 6 months living here and missing out on many experiences I decided to enroll in a course, that's when I met Hunter Language School.

I can say that signing up for a Hunter Language School course was one of the best experiences of my life! I met new people, explored the city a lot, and of course I learned and evolved in English like I never imagined I could.


The first time I signed up was in September 2018, I did an Intensive 2 week course, Roland, the Principal, talked to me and gave me a placement test and with the results the school determined what my level of English was and which class I should be in, my level was B1 Intermediate level, this without ever having taken any course, just studying by myself, finding out I was a B1 level made me very happy!

At first I remember being shy, but soon the teachers and class mates made me feel comfortable. The classes had no more than 10 students, which is great and facilitates learning because the teacher can give personalized attention to each student. The atmosphere is cozy, everything is very organized, the rooms are well-equipped and there’s a great student lounge (a more reserved space to relax, read a book, watch tv etc ..).




I met people of all ages and places around the world - especially Brazil! The minimum age is 18 and there is no maximum. Study English anytime you want!


Speaking of meeting people, the course has allowed me to have friends from all over the world, and living in Bristol I have even been visited by former colleagues from Spain and it was amazing to see them again.

Studying at Hunter Language School I've learned a lot more than English, I've learned to understand new cultures and respect this, and if you think your level of English (or any other language), Hunter Language School has Spanish courses too, No, You don't have to be fluent in English to study in an English-speaking country, after all, you're going there to learn, aren't you? Talk to the school about your insecurities and they will help you. And we also have Google Translate that is there to save us in times of despair until you learn to communicate.

My level is currently B2 and I am still studying here and I do not intend to stop anytime soon. It will be a unique experience of self-knowledge, new friendships, adventures, maturity, learning.

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Blog by Helen Perlin.