Apolline and Louis have both been doing internships at Hunter Language School, here's what they think of the city of Bristol!

The first thing we noticed was how kind Bristolian’s are. When you wait for the bus it’s common to talk to strangers and when they noticed we were from France, they became very curious. We ended up having interesting conversations with locals, about what we must see whilst we were here and which food we must try.

Whatever you are searching for, Bristol is the place to find it. Being a melting point of many cultures, Bristol is a truly diverse place. There are great opportunities for entertainment everywhere; with pubs, clubs, exhibitions, museums and more!


One of our favourite things about Bristol is how the streets are like an open gallery, with graffiti from famous artists such as Banksy never far away.

We thoroughly enjoyed partaking in the various activities Bristol provides. Louis’s favourite thing to do was to walk over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, we recommend walking to the observatory to admire the breathtaking views.


Apolline most enjoyed attending the night market at St Nick’s. All though the historic market is stunning throughout the day, during the night it comes alive, with a warm atmosphere emanating from the stalls selling local produce and handcrafted trinkets.


Bristol is also known for its independents bars, shops and restaurants where you can find a large range of different cuisines. You can eat Indian, Mexican, Japanese or Italian food without leaving the same street.

Some facts about Bristol:


  • The city is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the UK, this is not surprising because of the very important public transport networks, the large numbers of cyclists but also of green spaces


  • Legendary pirate Blackbeard, decided to call Bristol his home. He had a hideout in Redcliffe caves and the home of his birth still stands on the harbourside.


  • For all chocolate lovers you will be delighted to learn that Along with inventing the first solid chocolate bar in 1847, Bristol chocolate company Fry’s created the first ever chocolate Easter Egg in 1873.

  • Bristol was voted the best city to live in Britain in 2017. (not to our surprise)

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Blog by Louis Grillié and Apolline Ambayrac