Absence policy

Students of Hunter Language School are expected to attend all of their classes, every day. If for any reason they cannot attend we must be informed before their class starts for the day. Class registers are checked on a daily basis, and any absences are noted by the DOS/ Principal.


During the welcome talk on the first day, the Principal or Director of Studies explains to all students the importance of attending class regularly and the consequences of not attending. They will also explain the school’s policy regarding students arriving late for classes.


Student attendance is recorded in the class registers every day before their lesson.

The hard copies of the attendance registers are filed.



Students are informed in the induction talks and in their handbooks that when they are ill or have another good excuse for being absent, they need to let the DoS or Principal know.



Every Friday the attendance data for each group is input into HLS digital record. These reports are discussed at management meetings and bought up at teacher meetings when appropriate, follow-up action is decided on.



Students who study Intensive courses are not allowed in their classrooms if they are 10 or more minutes late. Late students will be sent to self-study for the duration of the lesson. An exception is made for our part-time students. These students study only 4 hours per week, they have commitments in Bristol such as full-time jobs or Au-pair duties which sometimes force them to be late.



If an Intensive student is absent from school, without authorisation, for more than one day, we will contact them.

Teachers and management team are sensitive as to the possible causes of absence in their dealings with students and take these into account when deciding what approach to take.


Unauthorized absence

  • Holiday: We will ask students if they have booked a holiday and do not intend to attend part of their course during enrolment.

  • Illness: If a student is feeling unwell and unable to come to school they must call or email the school before their lesson is due to start. If the student is still unwell after 3 days, they will need to bring in a doctor’s note when they return. Failure to call the school will result in the days missed as unauthorised absence.

The school has strict procedures in place to monitor and act upon unauthorised absences. They are as follows:

Consecutive Unauthorized Days of Absence action plan

If a student misses consecutive days the following action will be taken:

Non-Consecutive Unauthorised Absence

If a student’s attendance falls below 4 contacts per week, over a number of weeks the following action will be taken:

Students who complete a course are issued a certificate that indicates the percentage of hours attended.

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