A little tour of Bristol with a friendly Italian student

Tea has been living and working in Bristol this summer. Here she shares her experiences and gives her advice to anyone visiting Bristol and the South West of England. 

Hello everyone, my name is Tea and I’ve been an intern here at Hunter Language School for about 5 weeks. In this blog I’m not only going to talk about my personal experience, but I’ll also share with you the amazing cities (obviously near Bristol), which I have visited while living here and the different attractions and events that I had the opportunity to witness. 


When I arrived in Bristol the rain was pouring down and the first thing I thought of was “O gosh, this is going to be an interesting summer” but the week after that I was lucky enough to experience one of the hottest weeks ever recorded in Bristol. Apart from that, I’ve spent the best days of my life here in Bristol, because I’ve met lots of people with very different backgrounds and it was super fun spending time with them and practicing our English. My typical week routine was: work from Monday to Friday and at the weekends I went on various journeys with my italian group of friends. As a tourist myself I know that sometimes it’s really difficult to choose the cities that you want to visit, but if it can help, I’ll tell you about what I’ve seen. 


1. Bath

A MUST SEE in this gorgeous city are the Botanical Gardens! They are not far from the centre so it’s easy to reach them on foot. When I entered this magical place it was breathtaking, there were colorful flowers and unique plants everywhere. I also visited the Jane Austen Museum, which was fascinating and thanks to the guided visit I learned a lot about this memorable writer.

2. Cardiff

Here you should visit the stunning Castle named Castell Caerddyd. The entrance is not free but I truly believe that it is worth the price, because in addition to the possibility to go for a walk through the castle’s garden and the castle itself, you are offered an audio guide, which will help you better understand the structures’ purposes. 

3. Wells and Glastonbury

Despite the city’s small size, in Wells there is a magnificent Cathedral with which you’ll fall in love, I can assure you of that! The most beautiful characteristic of this Cathedral is its garden. When I first saw this wonderful green area I was speechless: there were flowers, plants, a river and little waterfalls, it was like the setting of a fairy tale.

In Glastonbury I visited the famous Abbey and St Michael's Tower on Glastonbury Tor. 


Apart from these remarkable cities, I had the opportunity to attend various events for example: The Harbour Festival and The Balloon Fiesta. These two festivals were incredibly fun and I had a great time there!

1. The Harbour Festival 

This festival usually takes place at the Harbourside (clearly) and it’s usually at the end of July, during a weekend. This year it lasted from the 18th July to the 20th July, but unfortunately I only managed to spend one day there. Despite this, that evening was spectacular because on the main stage there was a famous DJ, who played lots of different songs. So I danced and listened to plenty of different types of music genres, for me it was fantastic and I couldn’t stop moving and dancing that night.


2. The Balloon Fiesta

This magical event takes place at Ashton Court Estate and this year it happened to be on the second weekend of August. The field where this festival is organized is huge, really! I think that I’ve never seen so many people in just one place, but it was amazing seeing all these visitors gathering to admire the beauty of Balloons. I was lucky enough to see the extraordinary “naked nightglow” (don’t worry, we all had our clothes on) and the firework finale, both of them were incredible. The spectacle with the fire of the Balloons left me speechless and seeing the fireworks, I have to admit that I got a bit emotional because of their unspeakable majesty. 


I know I’m a chatterbox, but in my opinion by sharing these things and my experience with you, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new things that you may be interested in and with the Tour Guide Tea you won’t have any doubt that what your doing is absolutely worth it! Regarding attractions I really believe that Clifton Bridge is marvellous. If you want to take a good picture of it, I recommend you to go to the Observatory, where you can find the perfect view of the bridge. Another attraction, which I have seen is Bristol Cathedral, but I’ve only been to the park of this Cathedral because it closes at 5pm so I didn’t have time to visit it from the inside. Even though I couldn’t admire it in its entirety, I had a picnic with my friend in the park in front of it and it was lovely. 


This is all (for now), I sincerely hope that if you visit Bristol, you’ll be as satisfied as I am, because this city is really beautiful, it has lots of things to do and see, but above all the people you’ll meet here will stay in your heart forever.


Tea Cirkic


Blog by Tea Cirkic