Hello! I’m Francesco! But that doesn’t really matter! I could be Giovanni, Antonio or Marco. I’m just a casual youngster who ended up on the 2nd of October last year with a backpack on his back, saying goodbye to his parents, with a one-way ticket in his hands. Destination? Not the Maldives unfortunately, but Bristol.

Behind that ticket was hidden one of the biggest desires of my life, becoming fluent in the most international language in the world. I’ve always loved travelling the world, discovering new places, new mentalities and new cultures and that was undoubtedly what fuelled my excitement. The idea of being able to communicate fluently and without limits, with most people all over the world was finally a concrete project.

I remember the exact moment my plane landed in the UK, it had just started pouring down (Welcome to England!!), but that, in my head, was one of the sunniest day in my life.

Storytelling apart, I now come to the crux of the matter.

What are the 3 biggest recommendations I could give in learning a new language?



To be honest, I started my life in the UK without fully appreciating what I was going to have to deal with. I suddenly realized how fundamental it is, in our daily life, to possess a depth knowledge of language in order to be clearly understood. An issue which I had always taken for granted, having lived my whole life in my native country, Italy.

Between communicating efficiently and just communicating there is THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. And that was the thing I struggled with most in the first few months. I can’t deny that I suffered because of it. I felt frustrated, sometimes dumb and the desire to give up was not that far away. But fortunately I kept working hard on it!


Considering the high cost of life, most foreign people come to the UK with a significant purpose, learn the language properly, and unintentionally they end up having a 40/50 hours per week job, which results in them loosing their focus. I made that mistake as well and fortunately I’ve learnt my lesson. The question to keep in your mind is: “Why are you doing this?”.

Therefore, don’t loose your focus (and don’t waste your time). Your real job has to be working on your language skills, working constantly on the numerous aspects of the language: this is the real commitment that will give you the highest income.

Since I realized that, the speed of my improvement increased dramatically.


I now want to share with you one of my favourite quote which is useful for achieving any goal in life.

“Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars” 

- Cecelia Ohern

Dream big, don’t stop dreaming. Always challenge yourself by setting new goals everyday. And when you feel that your effort is not making any difference, be positive, I can assure you. It is!

Have a good English!

PS “Eh Francesco, wonderful words, but share some detail, how has your English improved in the last 8 months?”

I started with a B1 level, and thanks to Hunter language School, I have finally booked the CAE exam (C1), which is going to be on the 24th of July...Fingers crossed...Actually no, keeping study hard!!!!

Blog by Francesco Gabriele


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